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The Wind Song Collection natural woven shades provides’ exquisite quality natural roman shades for our clients. Natural fibers from around the world that include Ramie, Jute, Banana, & Palm are harvested, stripped, hand tied, and then woven by hand on century old weaving looms creating a beautiful window shade that is naturally translucent and filters the sunlight, while softly preserving outside views.

We work hand in hand with designers, builders, and architects from across the world to make sure no details are over looked when placing a woven shade order for our clients. The Wind Song Collection is also an industry expert in motorized shades, and we offer cutting edge window motorization technology that can be integrated with home automation systems. Any of the Wind Song Collection reeded shades that we offer can be motorized to provide convenient solutions for any of your electric shade needs.

The Wind Song Collection has over thirty years of hands on experience in the window treatment business and is highly respected throughout the industry.

We have mastered the art of creating a perfect Roman shade that is aesthetically pleasing, hangs properly, and lasts for years to come. This knowledge and skill allows The Wind Song Collection to offer the finest quality natural woven shades available in the market today. We provide shipping options that allow us to offer our hand woven shades to designers throughout the United States and across the globe.

We are a family owned company that was born out of a need to provide superior quality hand woven shades for our interior design clients, that are competitively priced. For years we purchased natural woven shades for our customers’, but became frustrated with the long lead times and high cost. We wanted to offer an alternate, and our goal was to produce a natural woven shade that is equal to or exceeds the quality of what our clients have come to expect, and provide a faster lead time so that all of our woven shade clients have another option. Both of these goals have been met in all of the woven shade collections we offer. Some of our clients also refer to our natural woven shades as reeded shades, grass shades, woven woods, hand woven shades, bamboo shades, sun shades, or just plain natural shades. Whatever your name for them is, be assured that the quality you get when purchasing a natural woven shade from The Wind Song Collection is going to be something you will treasure for years to come. Our dedication to quality & detail is something you can expect from every woven shade you order.

Thank you for considering The Wind Song Collection natural woven shades for all of your woven wood shade needs, and we look forward working with you.

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